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BALCA Finds Lack of Good Faith Recruitment

March 3rd, 2008 No comments

Good Faith Recruitment

Matter of El Jalisco Mexican Restaurant, 2007-INA-00010 (12/10/07). [pdf decision]

We concur with the CO that the evidence of one minute or less for telephone contact with the applicants is inadequate to establish good faith efforts to recruit. If the Employer actually spoke to the applicants, it is not credible to believe that one minute was enough time to introduce the reason for the call, determine that the applicants did not have the requisite experience, and receive a statement from the applicants that they were not interested in the position. If the Employer’s attorney misunderstood the facts of the case in the appellate brief, and the Employer never actually talked to the applicants, then the absence of any attempt to follow up the phone calls with a letter exhibits a lack of good faith effort by the Employer to contact and consider these potentially qualified U.S. applicants.