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Naturalization Interview Times Now Include Weekends and After Business Hours

March 23rd, 2008 3 comments

USCIS is expanding work hours and increasing staff to help process the record number of naturalization applications filed in Fiscal Year 2007. More resources should be welcomed. But the less obvious secondary benefit – some applicants might not have to miss a day of work for their appointments.


In Fiscal Year 2007, USCIS received a significant increase in naturalization applications (Form N-400). To address the increase, USCIS is expanding work hours and adding staff to complete these filings within our processing time goals.

If you have received a notice from USCIS that your naturalization interview has been scheduled on a Saturday, Sunday, or after traditional business hours, the notice is correct and you should appear at the scheduled time.

Immigration lawyers are happy because the additional resources should help USCIS process clients’ applications faster. Immigration lawyers are not happy because they now have 7-day work schedules.

On a related note, a New York Times Editorial bashed USCIS soon-to-be-ex-Director Gonzalez in a story about the processing delays. Director Gonzalez published a direct response on the Leadership Journal, a blog published by the Department of Homeland Security. Whether you prefer the NYT or USCIS version of the story, give Director Gonzalez credit for addressing the issue so directly.