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BALCA Finds Applicants Wrongly Rejected

February 27th, 2008 No comments

Matter of Houston Music Institute, 2007-INA-00271 (1/16/08) (pdf decision)

The Employer’s later statements about its reasons for rejecting the applicants are ambiguous, and even contradictory. … it is clear that the applicants were rejected for lacking qualifications not listed in the ETA Form 750A. The Employer’s list of its required teaching methods and standards bear a remarkable consistency with the Alien’s qualifications.

BALCA Finds Self-Employment

February 26th, 2008 No comments

BALCA has published a number of decisions on labor certification applications over the past few weeks. I’m going to post many of those decisions in a new section called “Balca Decisions“. Most of the people who visit the Visa Bulletin already have certified labor certification applications, but some of you do not and these decisions might be useful.

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